Pest Control Brisbane

Pest Control Brisbane. Get rid of rodents, termites, ants, spiders, fleas and other pests with our pest control services. Call @ 1800 441 506.

Cogent Pest Control Solutions in Brisbane

Pests can be dangerous; very dangerous for your home as well as your business. They are great carriers of diseases and can ruin your life in no time. But with Wet Carpet Clean Team’s excellent pest control services, now you don’t have to worry about these tiny creatures anymore. We have expertise in eradicating all sorts of residential as well as commercial pests. These include dust mites, rats, ants, fleas, bed bugs, bird mites, Indian meal moth, mice, cockroaches, spiders, wasps, blowflies, mosquitoes, flies, rice weevil, rodents, house fly, grain beetle, biscuit beetle, and fermentation flu etc.

Wet Carpet Clean Team is an insured company having proper certification and license to perform pest control services all over Brisbane. For more than twenty years, we have delivered finest and safest Pest Control Brisbane services to numerous homes and offices. With our reliable and affordable services you can be sure that you don’t see any of those pests in your property anymore. Just give us a call and ask for a free quote for your specific requirement.

Pest Control Brisbane

Pest Control Brisbane

What All We Do Under Pest Control

Pests can attack homes/offices or any property for that matter and not all pests are same. For this reason we have different pest control services for residential and commercial properties. Pests that are found in your homes are different from those that attack your business premises. Residential pests mainly consist of cockroaches, rats, dust mites, mosquitoes, flies etc. On the other hand, various types of rodents, kinds of cockroaches, rice weevil, blowflies, biscuit beetle and other such pests are present in commercial areas especially in food outlets.
At Wet Carpet Clean Team, we provide pest control services for hotels, restaurants, food joints, food courts, cafes, offices, schools, and any other commercial building apart from homes. We use quality, eco-friendly, and safe pest control methods. With our pest control methods our clients can relax and sit back knowing that their kids and pets are safe.

We eliminate all kinds of pests with mostly one time treatment for homes but for commercial properties you might need recurring pest infestation services. Check out our prices for our services and we promise to delight you with lowest possible prices in Brisbane!

Need for Pest Control Brisbane

Few people are of the opinion that they can take of pests on their own. They buy some pest control material from the supermarket and believe that spraying these can get rid of pests. However, this is a big time myth. Such products have negligible content of pesticides and only work when you spray them directly on to the creature. How many times would be actually able to do that? So don’t spend your hard earned money on these products, instead call for affordable pest control services from Wet Carpet Clean Team Brisbane.

Pests pose health hazards for your family and your employees. They contaminate working and living atmosphere. Further, they can lead to serious health problems along with minor ones such as stomach infection and diarrhea. Also, they are ugly to look at and create a unhealthy surrounding. At your workplace, pests can cause trouble in the productivity and might affect you employees– physically as well as psychologically. Moreover, you might offend your customers (more so at a food outlet) if they come across any pests in your area. Last but not the least, if pests are noticed by health authorities then you might lose your license or have to pay hefty fine.
Why take risk of all these consequences when you can avail our economically priced, safe, and quick pest control services? Just give a call to Wet Carpet Clean Team and get it done in a blink of an eye!

Expert Pest Control Brisbane

Expert Pest Control Brisbane

Why Choose Our Pest Control Brisbane

Wet Carpet Clean Team not just gets rid of the existing pests but also provides safety from future attack of pests. We have designed certain precautionary pest control treatments that can be used to avoid growth of any kind of pests in your property. We give you simply the best pest control experience in Brisbane. And apart from that,

  • We have 2 decades of experience
  • Further, we use latest pest control technology
  • Also, we use only eco-friendly pest control methods
  • Additionally, we are a local company of Brisbane
  • Moreover, we hire only certified and licensed technicians
  • Also, we strictly stick to the highest quality standards
  • We deliver only 100% guaranteed results & satisfied clients

Tips for Pest Free Home/Office

A few things can be done on your part to keep pests away from your property, such as:

  • Using air tight containers for food
  • Keeping your home/office clean
  • Not providing accessible water or food to pests
  • Sealing all holes in – walls, cupboards, tiles
  • Keeping food sealed even in cupboards
  • Changing dustbin bags daily
  • Not letting dirty dishes overnight in sink/dishwasher
  • Sealing all entries for pests
  • Using fly screens for better protection
Professional Pest Control Brisbane

Professional Pest Control Brisbane

Wet Carpet Clean Team is a cleaning service provider and Pest Control Brisbane is one of our most sort after services. We are reliable, experienced, licensed, affordable, and prompt with our pest control solutions. Call us today for a pest free home/office anywhere in Brisbane!

”Pest Control Experts”

Wet Carpet Clean Team provides fantastic services and the team is very punctual. They are professional and very friendly. They are expert in pest control and can solve any pests issue. Whenever I have called them, I have found them to be amazing, friendly, and personable. I used their pest control service many times and they always did a great job. This time, I called them for ant control and they did an amazing job. I want to recommend Wet Carpet Clean Team to my friends and relatives. No doubt we are clients forever.
- Oliver

Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia