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Do you own a commercial, industrial, or a residential property in Brisbane that depends on air ducts to air condition, heat, or ventilate your building? Are you looking for an insured company that can offer a full range of duct cleaning services in Brisbane? If so, you have landed at the right place. Wet Carpet Clean Team offers a full analysis, maintenance, and restoration of your heating and cooling system. We ensure that you will have enhanced indoor air quality with our expert services.

The IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) of your home is very important, and having a properly cleaned, functioning HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air conditioning) system is essential to maintain a comfortable, hygienic, and healthy living environment. The blocked AC duct can hinder the performance of your system, thereby, exerting more pressure on your wallet. You might have to spend a handsome amount of money, while repairing it. This is where, Wet Carpet Clean Team in Brisbane can be of great assistance.

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Air duct cleaning innovations have perked up the safety, as well as the quality of the air duct cleaning process in Brisbane. There are a plenty of successful methods our company employs for cleaning ducts, including contact vacuuming, air washing, as well as power brushing. All of these procedures are needed to achieve excellent results, together with the utilization of high-powered negative air tools to avoid cross contamination.

  • Contact Vacuuming: When cleaning your duct, our certified cleaners use a portable vacuum, which is hand operated. There is a direct contact between the interior duct surfaces and the brush head to dislodge and take out debris and dirt. This cleaning method needs bigger openings into the duct as compared to other procedures, as the vacuum action is restricted to the reach of the operator.
  • Air Washing: Compressed air is pumped into the duct with a hose terminated in a skipper nozzle. This nozzle is designed in such a way that the compressed air pushes it inside the duct, by dislodging debris and dirt. The debris and dirt become airborne, which are drawn downstream all the way through the duct and outside the system with the help of vacuum collection equipment.
  • Power Brushing: Electrically or pneumatically powered brushes release debris and dirt and is drawn into the vacuum collector. This method is carefully conducted by our professionals, as only brushes using soft bristles are used.


The duct system circulates hot and cold air all over your home. Additionally, it also circulates fibers, dust, and a number of other contaminants, which exist in your home or building. Having the most professional duct cleaning services of Wet Carpet Clean Team in Brisbane, you can get rid of all these pollutants.

  • Indoor Air Quality Problem: Air inside your home can be more dangerous as compared to the outside air because of the poorly maintained air ducts as well as vents of your system. Air duct cleaning with Wet Carpet Clean Team in Brisbane is an easy way to get rid of infinite indoor air quality problems. Our cleaning procedures keep inside air pure and fresh, thereby, keeping family members and the environment of the entire home, healthy.
  • Efficiency: Many years of dust, pests, hair, and other contaminants in ductwork hinder the airflow of the HVAC system.  A proper cleaning through experts will help get rid of the buildup pollutants and dust. Additionally, it enhances airflow that is required to run the system at the utmost efficiency. The rodents, spiders, and insects that have been residing, breeding and dying in your ducts for years will be completely cleaned out by our team of experts in Brisbane.


Wet Carpet Clean Team located in Brisbane has been successfully serving the duct cleaning industry for many years. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed with our comprehensive, highly professional services. We not only provide affordable services, but quick, same day, emergency services, as well. You should hire us for the below listed reasons:

  • Expert Service: Every job performed by our professionals is done thoroughly, perfectly, and efficiently. We always go for the extra miles to cater to the individual needs of our clients and to do our best.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Our professionals arrive promptly on schedule, and investigate for the problems in your heating and air conditioning system. They are courteous, friendly, and are always ready to serve you in the best possible way.
  • State of the Art Equipment: We use the latest in technology cleaning machines, which are extremely safe to use. They are a distinguished part of our duct cleaning capability.

Whenever you feel that the air quality in your home has reduced, call Wet Carpet Clean Team for an affordable duct cleaning in Brisbane. We also specialize in ducted heating and cooling maintenance, air duct cleaning and repairing, duct replacement, and more. For a free quotation, contact us at 0488 849 705

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